Content creation | The backbone of the web

Content is the most overlooked and underrated part of the web. Having good content on your site is literally the currency of search engines. Providing uniqie and useful value to your visitors is the number one thing that search engines look for when ranking a site. Furthermore, looking beyond SEO value, having good content is just a plain great idea for informing and helping out the people you are trying to connect with. It gives you instant credibility with your customer base and establishes you as a pro right off the bat.

Site Content | The holy grail

After working year after year with clients, a consitent trend has emerged. Providing quality content is not only the most difficult part of marketing their business, but it's also often something that has never even occured to the client as a responsibility that they have to meet. Many times, it is assumed that when you do a site, the content is just something that comes along with it.

Think about it, who knows your business better than you, noone. Great content makes a great site, and to have great content, a business must deliver it to their development team, or it has to be made. Making good content requires a lot of time. Research has to be done about many things. What keywords drive traffic about this topic, what details will drive people to engage more with you when they read about this topic on your site, what information will consumers expect this page to have, and on and on. Put simply, great content is not a copy and paste affair, it's a deeply personalized deliverable that we take great pride in providing for our clients.

Blog Posts | The modern advertisement

When you're writing content for you business, one thing you want to keep on the forefront of your mind is what would someone type in to find this piece of content. That makes thigns a bit difficult sometimes when a person is trying to write copy that will get you found online, while keeping things value driven and not seeming very spammy. When someone tries to cram fifty keywords on a page its hard to make everything still stay relevant and to the point. Enter the blog post. Blog posts, articles, provide you with a means to talk about services, products, and ideas that you are trying to push, all while seeming natural and concise. It is, perhaps, the greatest tool a business can have in their arsenal for site content that gets them found.

Landing Pages | The modern flyer

Landing pages are similar to blog posts but they differ slightly. A landing page is typically more visial than a blog post. It is designed to drive people to take a specific action. They are also usually just a one page deal. Short, sweet, to the point, and visually appealing.


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