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When you take your significant other out to a fancy restaurant, how do you find where you are going to go? When you need a plumber how do you choose between all of the options that are out there? The answer to these questions revolves around one idea: the web. I would imagine you, like everyone else, google's what they need, when they need it. Then you evaluate the options based on things like price, ratings, and how the company has portrayed themselves through their website.

This search and initial connection will do one of two things for you. A well crafted experience will get the potential client to dig deeper. It will hook them and peak their interest. It will start the customer out with the feeling that they are dealing with a professional company. On the contrary, a poor experience, or a lack of an experience all together will send them immediately to your competition. Is your online prescece making your competition thank you or dread you?

Spend strategically. earn exponentially

People make investments in there business all the time. They hire new talent. They have marketing materials made. They invest their time. While all of these investments are great, they all fall short of today's holy marketing mantra:There is no invesment you can make in your business that will pay off more than a well crafted digital experience

Imagine, if you could spend a small fraction of what you make in a quarter, and turn that into gains of thirty or fourty percent over the next five to ten years. How much new revenue would that be? What would it mean for your business, if you could decide which groups of consumers you wanted to target, and then instantly be in front of them? What would that kind of ability to connect mean for you?

In the past, when businesses used various forms of advertising to connect with their customers, they had to diversify their efforts accross multiple channels and then hope for the best. They would'nt really know which ones were driving the most traffic to them, or if they were driving traffic at all. Sure, there are some indicators, you can make people fill out forms, you can have them answer questionaires, ect., but traditionally, businesses didn't have truly meaningful ways to verify the results of their efforts. Those days are gone in the digital world. We can tell not just what is working for you but we can identify new opportunities for you, which markets are working for you, which places you are waisting your money on. Down to the city.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Forms of advertising may change. Google's algorythims may change. Consumer behaviour may change, but the web is not going anywhere. For this reason, you can be confident that your investment today in your company's online prescence will reap rewards for many years to come. The question isn't if you should be online, but rather who should you choose to help you get there.


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